KF Code of Conduct for Participants

Please comply with the following rules: 

1. Silence: Please maintain complete silence throughout the Kayo Energy Classes. Any form of verbal and non-verbal communication with fellow participant should be avoided. Participants may, however communicate with the facilitators or volunteers when necessary. Ensure that your actions do not disturb or distract anyone. Ignore distractions caused by others.

2. Attendance: Attend the Kayo Energy in its entirety. Partial attendance is not permissible.

3. Participation: Please participate truthfully when requested to share. Refrain from lying, hiding or exaggerating things. Refrain from passing judgments about the Kayo Energy till you complete the Kayo Energy .

4. Disclosure: Do not disclose the contents of the Kayo Energy to anyone who has not done the  Kayo Energy.

5. Intoxicants and Drugs: Drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants, tranquilizers, sleeping pills or other sedatives should not be brought or taken during the Kayo Energy. Inform the organizers if you are taking any prescription drugs/ medication.

6. Tobacco: Smoking, chewing tobacco and taking snuff are not permitted during the Kayo Energy.

7. Clothing: Wear simple, modest and comfortable clothing. Tight, transparent, revealing, or striking clothing should not be worn.

8. Separation of Men and Women: Complete segregation of men and women is to be maintained. Couples married or otherwise would not be allowed to stay together throughout the Kayo Energy. The same applies to friends, members of the same family, etc.

9. Physical Contact: It is important that throughout the course in the venue there is no physical contact with a sexual intention between participants including any display of affection.

10. Communication: Use of internet and communication devices such as Laptops, PDAs, Tablets, Mobiles and Phones etc. are not permitted during the retreat. Consult volunteers in case of emergency.

11. Recording: Any type of photography, audio or video recording of the Kayo Energy is not permitted.

12. Music, Reading and Writing: The playing of musical instruments / devices is not permitted. No reading or writing materials should be brought to the course. Participants should not distract themselves by taking notes.

13. Reading material: Ensure that you read the material and complete the assignments given to you during the Kayo Energy.

14. Yoga and Physical Exercise: Yoga and physical exercise is already a part of the Kayo Energy.Any other form of physical yoga and exercises are not permitted or should be suspended during thisperiod to maintain the decorum of the  Kayo Energy. Students may exercise during rest periods by walking in the designated areas.

15. Religious Objects, Crystals, etc.: No such items should be brought to the Kayo Energy. If brought unintentionally they should be deposited with the management for the duration of the Kayo Energy.

16. Outside Contacts: Students must remain within the Venue boundaries throughout the Kayo Energy. They may leave only with the specific consent of theKayo Energy facilitator. No outside communications is allowed until the Kayo Energy ends. This includes letters, phone calls and visitors. Cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices must be deposited with the management until theKayo Energy ends. In case of an emergency, a friend or relative may contact the management.

17. Right to Admission: Kayo Mind Engineering reserves the sole right to permit as well as withhold or dissuade any participant/s from attending the discourse, sessions and/ or Kayo Energy Classes.

Kayo Energy Class Dress Code & Etiquette

Our mission is to promote the traditional culture of Kayo, to enable all kayo’s ( volunteer‘s ) to come closer to Kayo Energy, and to encourage values like modesty and respect. Recognizing that the way we dress and the way we act has a huge impact on ourselves as well as others around us, we ask that you follow our dress code and etiquette guidelines. These guidelines have been created to help you have the best possible experience and also to help everyone enjoy their experience at the Kayo Energy Class.

Kayo Energy Class Dress Code

When entering the Kayo Energy Class, please observe the following dress code:

  • No loose hair; all long hair must be tied securely.
  • No shorts or short skirts. 
  • No leggings.
  • No tank tops or tube tops.

Please be aware that this dress code applies equally to both men and women. Men are required to wear either veshti, kurta pajamas, or long pants (extending below the calf muscle). Ladies are required to wear either pants or a long skirt (extending below the calf muscle), sari or salwar kameez.

Kayo Energy Class Etiquette Guidelines

At the Kayo Energy Class, many of our customs are different from those at other Classes, so we understand that some visitors might not know what to expect. Please review our etiquette guidelines, so that we can help everyone enjoy their experience at our Kayo Energy Class.

  • Please keep noise/talking to a minimum when Kayo Energy or Kayo Power are in progress. Excessive talking is distracting to the volunteers as well as for the Kayo’s. Please help us to maintain an atmosphere of Kayo moment and respect.
  • Please do not allow your children to run or play unattended. In particular, children must not run anywhere inside the Kayo Energy Class. Not only is this distracting for the volunteers.
  • Please silence your cellphones while in the Kayo Energy Class Cellphones often interfere with our sound system, so please try to limit their use.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about our dress code or other policies, please feel free to contact us.

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