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Kayo’s Five Practical Tips to Motivate Yourself For Working Out
“I don’t have enough time”

“I am too tired”

“I will start from tomorrow, definitely!”

“OK, from Monday for sure!”

If these are some of the excuses you have for not working out, you are not alone! As human beings, we are hard-wired to do only which is absolutely needed — wired to minimize time and energy wherever possible.

Let’s first try and understand why we are spending so much time on this topic. Believe it or not, Science has actually proved the following benefits of working out:

It Increases your creativity
It Boosts your confidence
It helps you Beat stress, anxiety, and depression
It increases your memory and concentration
It helps you get the next raise in your salary
Having said that, its not easy to convince ourselves to get out of bed early morning and sweat it out in the gym. Workout needs motivation, and we are here to provide you exactly that. So let’s get to it right away:

1.Stop thinking about the beginning

The moment you picture about starting to workout you think about muscle soreness and agonizing pain. But it has a very simple solution: don’t think about beginning. No, seriously. And even science proves it

A study conducted on 350 adults predicted how much they enjoyed working-out and reported their feelings after the workout and what they felt before.

In conclusion, it says:

People underestimate how much they enjoy exercise because of a myopic focus on the unpleasant beginning of the exercise, but this tendency can be harnessed or overcome, potentially increasing intention to exercise.
Exercising and working out is actually similar to any other task that one may dread to begin. But 10 minutes into it and you will be comfortable in it and my enjoy it. So, don’t think about the painful beginning but envision the end result and how good you will feel in the process.

2.Make real plans

A study revealed that when people were asked in advance how much they plan to exercise, they tended to exercise more, almost 138%!

Making plans which are specific (date, time and location) helps build a good habit faster. You will mostly think that you have tried this before but it didn’t work so well. A good way to deal with this is to tweak your mindset and use your inner cynic to your advantage. You can ask yourself, “What will stop me from working out at the gym or at home?”

Further you should condition your brain to think in the “If-then” mode. If I have to prepare for a meeting tomorrow, then I will just workout for 30 minutes.”
Heidi Grant Halvorson has studied the habits of highly successful people and captured it in her book, Nine Things Successful People Do Differently the benefits of if-then mechanism to adopt a new habit

She says:

Half the participants were asked to plan where and when they would exercise each week (e.g., “If it is Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, then I will hit the gym for an hour before work”). The results were dramatic: weeks later, 91 percent of if-then planners were still exercising regularly, compared to only 39 percent of non planners!

3. Treat it as if it is a game

Legendary and world renowned stand-up comedian, Jerry Seinfeld says that secret to his comic craft is that he think of it as a game.

He told me to get a big wall calendar that has a whole year on one page and hang it on a prominent wall. The next step was to get a big red magic marker.

He said for each day that I do my task of writing; I get to put a big red X over that day. “After a few days you’ll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You’ll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain.”

“Don’t break the chain”
So whether it is writing jokes for a stand-up comedy or motivating yourself to workout, the calendar and market technique will work!

4. Listen to music to distract yourself

Now you are in the gym and have already started feeling all sweaty and awful, what to keep yourself going on? Listen to music.

While working out, music acts a great distract er that shifts your focus from your physical pain to the beats. In a study, it was found that music as a distraction can increase athletic performance by over 15%. Also, it ups your effort. In another study, it was found that cyclists have actually worked harder listening to music at a slower tempo. For a moderate workout, the optimum beats (per minute) of a song has been found to be 120-140!

5. Reward Yourself

Charles Duhigg, in his book, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business advice’s on rewarding yourself.

He suggests on creating what he calls a “ habit loop” which involves a cue to trigger the behavior, then forming a routine, which is followed by a reward.

He says:

“An extrinsic reward is so powerful because your brain can latch on to it and make the link that the behavior is worthwhile. It increases the odds the routine becomes a habit”

Benefits of the Kayo Mind Engineering

Participating in the Kayo Mind Engineering results in:

  • Balance of physical vitality, family harmony, emotional maturity, and Positive life clarity
  • Living in the present and living in the thoughts of truth constantly
  • Discovery of the missing link in Positive lifeand knowing your self
  • Transcending your fears to live the life you are meant to
  • Direct experience of the Oneness, the Consciousness, the Infinite
  • Being able to get back to your origin, your source… where from all answers and insights manifest
  • Knowing the answers to profound and timeless questions, viz. Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here?

Kayo Mind Engineering (Complete Life)

Kayo Energy  is a free two-hour introductory classes (Full moon day only) offered by Kayo Mind Engineering. Designed by the founder of Kayo Mind Engineering AR ji  it has been attended by thousands all over India, .

What happens in these two hours?

  • In these two hours, you learn to balance the three aspects of your life – physical (health), social (love) and emotional (peace).
  • In these two hours, you learn three powerful kayo meditations – whereby you are able to practice meditation in the marketplace and apply wisdom at the workplace.
  • In these two hours, you learn three strategies for successful and joyous living.

Benefits of the Kayo Energy Class

This Kayo Mind Engineering  introduces you to a curriculum, which when completed and practised, results in:

  • Physical vitality and unbounded energy
  • Social awareness and harmony in relationships
  • Emotional maturity and balance
  • Positive mind clarity and awakening of inner wisdom

Eligibility criteria for the Kayo Energy Class

Everybody is welcome to attend this Kayo Energy Class . There is  specific eligibility requirement. see Methodology 

Magic of Kayo Mind Engineering

Magic of Awakening is the flagship self-realization Kayo Energy  offered by Kayo Mind Engineering where participants gain access to the experience of the Self and learn to live in the present every moment. The teachings of the Kayo Energy are non-denominational (secular).
Participate in the Magic of Awakening retreat to attain the ageless wisdom through a unique and simple ‘System for Wisdom’ so that you can:
  • Live from pure and still presence allowing the natural qualities of Consciousness, viz. peace, love, joy, compassion, abundance and creativity to manifest.
  • Acquire simple tools to use in everyday life which help quieten the chattering mind, revealing your true nature.
  • Get practical techniques to gain access to pure presence at will and connect to the source of all answers
  • Discover the missing links in the practices of meditation  action  wisdom  and devotion
  • Understand the nature of your body-mind-mechanism to attain freedom from tendencies and patterns.
  • Learn practical methods to shift from mind-centered living to consciousness-centered living.
This residential Kayo Energy is held for 2-3 days(Kayo day Conference Yearly Once )  at the glory of mountains and the pristine beauty of nature. This Hall is located at the outskirts of the city of Coimbatore in India, and is well connected by air, road and rail.  The Kayo Energy is imparted free of cost with nominal charges for Transportation lodging and boarding.

Kayo Mind Engineering

This workshop will provide an introduction to emotional intelligence, an overview of what is resilience and how having both can assist people in and outside of the workplace.

During the session we will also look at Mind’s 3 pronged approach to building resilience and introduce you to mindfulness, meditation and other activities that could help you to develop your own resilience.

Who’s it For?

Anyone with an interest in learning more emotional intelligence and techniques for building up their own resilience to support a mindful approach to living.

The Benefits Gained from the Kayo Mind Engineering Technique


Personal fulfillment

Learn to expand your thinking and enjoyment of life. The MindEngineering  Seminar teaches you how to establish definite positive goals and helps you to harvest the vast power of your mind to attain them. Imagine turning the dreams of tomorrow into the realities of today.

Peace with yourself

Living in this complex and negative world can take its toll. The negative influence of our environment often holds us back from the joy and happiness we seek. The MindEngineering  Seminar removes the barriers so that you can learn to love the real you, and enjoy genuine inner peace.

Total relaxation

The average western person is the most tranquillised, sanitised, deodorised and uptight specimen in the history of man. The MindEngineering Seminar relaxes you mentally and physically and develops a beautiful feeling of peace, well being and understanding. This is the first step towards expanded awareness and a more powerful consciousness.

Improved memory power

Through The MindEngineering  Seminar you will learn proven techniques. You will help yourself tap the tremendous mental potential you have. To rapidly learn and recall speeches, data, sales presentations names, faces, numbers etc. Learn how to achieve a photographic memory.

Financial success

Everybody yearns for success. Few people achieve it though. The rules for accumulating wealth have been known for centuries. With The MindEngineering  Seminar techniques we show you how to effect the necessary inner changes so you can take advantage of those rules and convert them into tangible results.

Better habits

Learn a definite simple formula to replace negative self-defeating habits such as smoking, over-eating, worry, indecision and laziness. Positive, uplifting habits provide increased energy, more fun and satisfying pleasure out of life.

To be a better person

The MindEngineering  Seminar is designed to help you start today to be the person you would like to be in the future. Learn to build confidence in yourself and your abilities through an understanding of who you are. Achieve a new sense of awareness and perception of the world around you and the opportunities it offers.

To be a better sportsperson

Develop the mental side of golf, tennis, bowling and all sports, where 90% of successful performance originates. The MindEngineering  Seminar techniques help you to relax under the pressure of competition and to maintain confidence, concentration and a winning attitude.

Improved relations

Develop an understanding of the major elements that cause relationships to deteriorate, and how to recognise the warning signs. Understand the keys to effective relations and learn how to incorporate these into your life. All relationships are temporary so enjoy them while you can.

Control tension and worry

We are threatened by stressful situations every day. Near accidents, disagreements, the threat of being fired, frustration, fear, anger and fights. Stress causes heart attacks, strokes and a number of other illnesses, which limits our ability to perform effectively. Through these techniques you can learn to control stress and meet every situation with a calm, relaxed attitude that originates from within.

More creative problem solving

Learn step-by-step methods for analyzing the problems – determining alternatives – and arriving at effective solutions. The MindEngineering  Seminar directs your thinking into constructive channels to stimulate a flow of positive ideas and to apply creative thinking to any type of situation to come up with new and unique solutions. Solve today’s problems with the techniques of tomorrow!

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