What is Kayo?

Kayo is the existential wisdom of the ultimate truth, which is beyond duality. In today’s world, there are a lot of people who feel disharmony and are desperately trying to achieve some balance in an unpredictable life.Kayo helps them in harmonizing with their true nature, the Self, thereby restoring balance in all aspects of their life.
And then there are those who are successful but feel a sense of emptiness or void within. Kayo provides them fulfillment and helps them to embark on a journey towards self-realization. There are others who feel lost and are seeking the meaning of life. Kayo helps them to realize the true purpose of human life.
All this is possible with Kayo due to a very simple reason. The experience of the ultimate truth is always available. The direct experience of this truth or self-realization is possible provided the right method is known. Kayo is that method, that understanding. At Kayo Mind Engineering, AR Ji imparts this understanding through a System for Wisdom – a series of retreats that guides participants step by step.
About Kayo Foundation

Kayo Foundation (KF) was established with the mission of creating a highly evolved society through all-round self development of every individual that transforms all the facets of his/her life. It is a non-profit organization founded on the teachings of AR Ji . The Kayo Mind Engineering has received the Appreciation Certificates from Supreme Institutions& Departments for its system of imparting wisdom. It has centers all across India as well as in other countries. The motto of Kayo Foundation is ‘fortunate life from talent technology ’.
KF creates a highly evolved society through:

Kayo Programs (Energy, Courses, Television and Radio Programs, Pod-casts)
Kayo Products (Books, Tapes, Audio/Video CD’s)
Kayo Projects (Value Education, Women Empowerment, Peace Initiatives)
KF undertakes various projects to elevate the level of consciousness among school students, youth, women, senior citizens, teachers, doctors, leaders, organizations, police force, prisoners, etc.

  • You will learn about Kayo Energy. Know exactly what is Kayo Energy?
  • You will learn various techniques of Kayo Energy that will touch your inner being and help you release you’re pent up emotions, thoughts, and deep seated worries and stress.
  • You will learn to relax and stay in control of what you think.
  • You will learn of what isNot Kayo Energy?
  • You will learn about all How’s, Why’s and When’s of Kayo Energy along with all essential guidelines of clothing, postures and best time and place for Kayo Energy.
  • You will learn the difference between Relaxation, Contemplation, Concentration, Intention and Consciousness and the ways to practice them.

How will I benefit?

Enhanced decision making power.

Breaking of attachment with thought and body.

Increased sensitivity.

Better control over feelings and emotions.

Improved concentration and memory.

High level of awareness.

Learning to experience the joy of silence.

Complete relaxation and restoration of health for the body and the mind.

Most importantly, realizing your true nature.

Kayo Energy (Happy Life )

This is a unique endeavor by Kayo Mind Engineering  to not just introduce to the new comers, the teachings of AR Ji  Master mind  of the Kayo Mind Engineering , but to share and enlighten people today, helping them free their minds of their age old thought patterns. Every one of us today has learnt so much from our family and society that most of us believe the information to be entirely true. We are not accustomed to doubt what we believe. But, it is essential to know the missing links in the understanding that we hold today. These missing links will introduce us to the real and hidden meaning of our beliefs and will aid us in changing our rigid patterns; this program serves this objective. It invites all new seekers to the weekly free discourses that are played at all respective Kayo centers.

Every week, a discourse on a different topic is played. The discourses relate to various topics such as relationships, money, Duty , festival rituals and their true meaning and many more. All new members can bring their friends and family, and together participate in the enlightening discussion that pursues after the discourse. The discussion takes place with a AR Ji  (A Master mind  of the Kayo mind Engineering ) where together, personal thoughts and opinions are shared with everyone. This is a unique opportunity and a new way of learning, which aids everyone to understand differently and perceive the crux of the discourse thoroughly. The entire program takes about 2 hours. The program is very wisdom oriented, benefiting several new seekers and changing their lives altogether, with the help of just a few discourses!

Details with regard to time and day are different at each kayo center and can be known by contacting kayo center personally. All are welcome!

Kayo Foundation

Welcome to the Kayo foundation. Over 135,000 people have already become members to show their support for mind health.

Joining the foundation is simple, free, and can be anonymous, if you wish. There are many ways to contribute to the life of the foundation, and every contribution is valued.

A thriving mind health foundation sends a message of hope and compassion to anyone affected by mind negatives. Please join us today, and show your support.

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The Kayo Foundation  recognizes that Mind Negative affects us all.  Members reflect the whole spectrum of society: from those people directly affected, to carers, family and friends. It also includes service users, donors, artists, volunteers, funders, fundraisers, research participants, campaigners, journalists and health professionals.

The Kayo foundation allows us to stay connected to the issues that matter, and hear directly from those affected by mind negatives. It also provides a safe, welcoming place for people to share their experiences, feelings, opinions and expertise. This can be hugely comforting and therapeutic, as shown by the experiences  of some Kayo foundation members.

We also have an active social media community. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter where we share Mind  health news, self-help advice, and discuss the mental health topics that matter to you.

Kayo is delighted to share the community with so many diverse supporters, united by a common goal: changing mind health for good.

We look forward to you joining us.


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