Kayo Foundation Aims & Outcomes

Kayo uses the  Charities evaluation service framework to assess its work. We have three organisational aims:

1. Reducing the impact of Mind negatives
Improving treatment and care by increasing knowledge about Mind negatives
Influencing policy and public attitudes by increasing understanding of Mind negatives

Detailed below is the connection between these aims and the outcomes we have developed to evaluate our work.

Kayo Impact

i) People affected by Mind Negatives are more able to access and make better use of available sources of support.

ii) Improved confidence in communicating with other people e.g. family, friends and casual encounters.

iii) Increased capacity for self-management of Mind Negatives and the process of recovery.

iv) Increased sense of being supported consistently and with continuity while living with Mind Negatives

v) People affected by Mind Negatives feel less distressed or despairing.

vi) Reduced loneliness and isolation of people affected by Mind Negatives

vii) People whose family member, friend or colleague has a Mind Negatives are better able to cope with its effects.

Kayo Care

i) Better knowledge and understanding among the general public of the daily reality of living with a  Mind Negatives

ii) Mental health professionals know more about the daily reality of living with a  Mind Negatives

iii) Wider availability of effective treatments and support options for people affected by  Mind Negatives

Kayo Perfection 

i) Changes to policy and the mental health system reflect the reality of  Mind Negatives as experienced and described by members of the Kayo  people.

ii) People affected by  Mind Negatives increasingly feel that their experiences are recognized, used and valued as a form of expertise, insight and learning.

iii) People affected by  Mind Negatives feel that their voice helps increase public understanding of Mind Negatives

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