Kayo Mind Engineering

This workshop will provide an introduction to emotional intelligence, an overview of what is resilience and how having both can assist people in and outside of the workplace.

During the session we will also look at Mind’s 3 pronged approach to building resilience and introduce you to mindfulness, meditation and other activities that could help you to develop your own resilience.

Who’s it For?

Anyone with an interest in learning more emotional intelligence and techniques for building up their own resilience to support a mindful approach to living.


The Benefits Gained from the Kayo Mind Engineering Technique


Personal fulfillment

Learn to expand your thinking and enjoyment of life. The MindEngineering  Seminar teaches you how to establish definite positive goals and helps you to harvest the vast power of your mind to attain them. Imagine turning the dreams of tomorrow into the realities of today.

Peace with yourself

Living in this complex and negative world can take its toll. The negative influence of our environment often holds us back from the joy and happiness we seek. The MindEngineering  Seminar removes the barriers so that you can learn to love the real you, and enjoy genuine inner peace.

Total relaxation

The average western person is the most tranquillised, sanitised, deodorised and uptight specimen in the history of man. The MindEngineering Seminar relaxes you mentally and physically and develops a beautiful feeling of peace, well being and understanding. This is the first step towards expanded awareness and a more powerful consciousness.

Improved memory power

Through The MindEngineering  Seminar you will learn proven techniques. You will help yourself tap the tremendous mental potential you have. To rapidly learn and recall speeches, data, sales presentations names, faces, numbers etc. Learn how to achieve a photographic memory.

Financial success

Everybody yearns for success. Few people achieve it though. The rules for accumulating wealth have been known for centuries. With The MindEngineering  Seminar techniques we show you how to effect the necessary inner changes so you can take advantage of those rules and convert them into tangible results.

Better habits

Learn a definite simple formula to replace negative self-defeating habits such as smoking, over-eating, worry, indecision and laziness. Positive, uplifting habits provide increased energy, more fun and satisfying pleasure out of life.

To be a better person

The MindEngineering  Seminar is designed to help you start today to be the person you would like to be in the future. Learn to build confidence in yourself and your abilities through an understanding of who you are. Achieve a new sense of awareness and perception of the world around you and the opportunities it offers.

To be a better sportsperson

Develop the mental side of golf, tennis, bowling and all sports, where 90% of successful performance originates. The MindEngineering  Seminar techniques help you to relax under the pressure of competition and to maintain confidence, concentration and a winning attitude.

Improved relations

Develop an understanding of the major elements that cause relationships to deteriorate, and how to recognise the warning signs. Understand the keys to effective relations and learn how to incorporate these into your life. All relationships are temporary so enjoy them while you can.

Control tension and worry

We are threatened by stressful situations every day. Near accidents, disagreements, the threat of being fired, frustration, fear, anger and fights. Stress causes heart attacks, strokes and a number of other illnesses, which limits our ability to perform effectively. Through these techniques you can learn to control stress and meet every situation with a calm, relaxed attitude that originates from within.

More creative problem solving

Learn step-by-step methods for analyzing the problems – determining alternatives – and arriving at effective solutions. The MindEngineering  Seminar directs your thinking into constructive channels to stimulate a flow of positive ideas and to apply creative thinking to any type of situation to come up with new and unique solutions. Solve today’s problems with the techniques of tomorrow!

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